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1. Save Money On Utility Bills: You can reduce or    
eliminate annual utility costs with solar electric       
and solar hot water systems. You can earn             
credits from NV Energy for your excess power.

Increase The Value Of Your Property: Adding a      
solar power system or a solar hot water system
increases the resale value of your property and  

National Security: Protect our national security by    
reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

Get Government Money: Federal, state and local
tax credits are available nationwide for clean    
solar power or solar hot water systems.

Good For The Earth: No pollution or harmful          
emissions. Use your house to save the                   
environment. Your home produces 350 tons of       
greenhouse gases over 25 years. You can             
make a difference!

Energy Security & Independence: Protection in
the event of a power outage (with a battery
backup system) or disaster.  Decrease the use of
foreign oil and minimize utility company bills.
Top Reasons To Install Solar Energy Systems
•   Nevada rebate of $2,100 per kW or $2.10 per watt for 2010 (NV Energy Rebate Sold out for 2009).
•   Federal tax credit up to 30% of cost of solar electric system with no limit on size.
•   Federal tax credit up to 30% of cost of solar thermal systems. Excludes pool or hot tub heating.
•   County and City rebates vary from $0 to $500.
•   Ask Sierra Solar Systems about assistance with State, Local and utility paperwork.
•   Always consult your tax professional.
Rebates And Tax Credits
You Can Save Money And
Make A
Typical Household Energy Usage
You Are Visitor
Space Heating Panel
Photovoltaic For $4.99 Per Watt Installed!
+ tax, permits, and drawings
Minimum 6 Kilowatt System On South Facing Composition Roof